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Whiplash Diagnosis and Treatment at Nystrom Chiropractic Group, Our Chiropractor in San Rafael

Whiplash is an often misunderstood condition that can have far-reaching implications if not treated properly. For those who have been in a car accident or experienced other trauma that caused the neck and head to move back and forth, the risk of whiplash is very clear. With the help of your whiplash chiropractor in San Rafael at Nystrom Chiropractic Group, you'll get the care you need.

Man with Whiplash after a car accident in San Rafael.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash can occur when there is a sudden force that causes stretching and tearing of the tendons and muscles in the neck. This often occurs as a result of rapid, forceful movement back and forth of the neck. It can happen in car accidents, especially rear-endings, but it is also very common in those who play contact sports such as football.

The symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Neck pain, often the feeling of stiffness.
  • Decreased range of motion and a tightness in the neck muscles.
  • Pain when moving the head from side to side or from front to back.
  • Tenderness in the area
  • Headaches that occur along the base of the skull and radiate towards the forehead

If you have these types of symptoms, it is important to see your whiplash chiropractor right away. Our team will assess your condition and provide you with comprehensive treatment.

Why Is It Important to be Treated for Whiplash Right Away?

Seeing a chiropractor right away is important. Many people do not recognize that they have stained the neck muscles and believe the pain will go away on its own. However, neck strain like this can cause a concussion, especially if not treated right away. If you've been in any type of accident like this, get checked out by a medical doctor and then come to your chiropractor for a treatment plan for overcoming the neck pain.

Should I See a Chiropractor for Whiplash?

Some ask, "should I see a chiropractor for whiplash?" The first step is to ensure you do not have a concussion. Going to the emergency room after an accident is important. However, you should come in to see your chiropractor as well. Our team will provide a treatment plan designed to help your neck muscles heal properly.

Whiplash Chiropractor or Physical Therapy: What Are Your Needs?

When it comes to whiplash chiropractor or physical therapy help, most people need both. Our comprehensive treatment will involve reducing inflammation, improving range of motion, and reducing the pain you feel. To accomplish this, we will use chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and more advanced care if there are underlying structural concerns, such as misalignment in the spinal column or compressed vertebrae. Physical rehabilitation is a key part of the process of helping you heal fully.

Pain medication is not going to help restore your function fully. In addition, you will likely experience a lot of chronic pain without proper treatment from a skilled chiropractor.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Whiplash Chiropractor Today

At Nystrom Chiropractic Group, we'll provide you comprehensive care for the pain you feel. Call and schedule an appointment with your whiplash chiropractor in our office today at 415-459-1218.

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