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Nystrom Chiropractic Group - Whole Body Vibration Therapy | San Rafael, California

Do you or someone you love suffer from back pain, stress or are at increased risk of bone fractures? A treatment program including non-invasive vibration massage therapy can reduce pain, improve bone health and more. Nystrom Chiropractic Group offers a safe and effective treatment that can greatly improve the quality of life. Learn more about full body vibration therapy today.


What is Whole Body Vibration Therapy?

Vibration therapy was invented in 1867 and started being used in Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s practice in 1895. Other applications include its use by the Russian space program to prevent bone loss and fractures, as well as strengthen muscles. NASA uses vibration therapy to improve the bone health of astronauts.

Whole body vibration therapy primarily focuses on reducing the likelihood of fractures and bone loss in patients, along with other potential improvements in muscle health. Full body vibration therapy is one of two types of vibration therapy and can benefit patients of any age. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor at Nystrom Chiropractic Group to see if this therapy would benefit your specific needs.

How Does Whole Body Vibration Therapy Work?

Whole Body Vibration Therapy - Nystrom Chiropractic Group

A patient having a full body vibration therapy session will either, stand, sit or lay on a ZAAZ whole body vibration machine at Nystrom Chiropractic Group. Vibrations transmitted through the device initiate muscle contraction and certain vibration massage therapy types may trigger the body to produce more osteoblasts. These cells are essential for bone formation. Vibrations experienced may be vertical, up and down, sideways and front and back.

What are the Health Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Therapy?

There are numerous benefits for patients receiving vibration therapy.

Benefits include:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Less severe back pain and joint pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved bone density

Initial research findings show support for use in the treatment of certain conditions. As based on recent studies, athletes and those with Parkinson’s disease may benefit from added vibration therapy to their training or treatment programs, respectively. Populations that may benefit include older patients who may be unable to exercise regularly and those with muscle weakness or Parkinson’s disease. Those who may not be candidates for vibration massage therapy include individuals who are pregnant, have a history of heart disease or diabetes or are currently taking blood thinning medications. Speak to Nystrom Chiropractic Group specialist for details.

ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration Machines

Nystrom Chiropractic Group offers full body vibration therapy with the ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration Machine to San Rafael and Marin County patients. Vibration therapy can be a powerful treatment to reduce pain and improve muscle and bone health without medication.

Vibration therapy can be included within your unique individualized treatment program at Nystrom Chiropractic Group.Contact our offices at 415-459-1218 to schedule a consultation or learn more about whole body vibration therapy sessions.

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