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Soft Tissue Mobilization and Your Health

At Nystrom Chiropractic Group in San Rafael, our goal is to treat injuries and improve mobility. Whether you are dealing with chronic inflammation, or you are dealing with scoliosis, it's time to work with a soft tissue chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments can decrease pain and give you the mobility you seek.

Man getting Soft Tissue Mobilization.

Understanding Soft Tissue Mobilization

The soft tissues in your body are your fascia, muscles, and ligaments. Your chiropractor works to break up any scars or adhesions, which promotes a decrease in inflammation. Using hands-on strategies, your chiropractor mobilizes your soft tissue to help you heal naturally.

The Purpose of San Rafael Soft Tissue Mobilization

The underlying issues that are causing you pain and stiffness need to be dealt with in order for you to heal. Your soft tissue chiropractor will provide treatment in order to:

  • Decrease overall swelling
  • Increase your mobility
  • Break up tissue adhesions
  • Elongate tendons and muscles
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase bodily function in the areas you are hurt

When you are in pain from a limited range of motion, a chiropractor will help you improve your health and wellness. You will have an easier time functioning with less pain and have the ability to move easier.

Soft Tissue Mobilization Techniques

Soft tissue mobilization is different than a traditional massage. It is designed to break up scar tissue and improve your range of motion. Common techniques are used by a soft tissue chiropractor, that include:

  • Consistent pressure in one spot
  • Using clockwise and counter-clockwise circular motions
  • Breaking up the adhesions using rhythmic pulses

The goal of soft tissue mobilization is to break up scar tissue in order to increase mobility. Your chiropractor will carefully assess your condition and determine what strategies to use when providing you with treatment.

Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy and Aftercare

Once you have finished with your soft tissue mobilization therapy, you will need to do some work in order to maintain your mobility. A good exercise plan will help you keep a healthy weight. Stick to an exercise and stretching routine that you know well so that you take care of your body and don't put yourself at risk for an injury.

Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy in San Rafael

When you receive soft tissue mobilization therapy, you will have an easier time moving after an injury. Scar tissue is decreased, and your mobility will improve. When you are interested in soft tissue mobilization therapy, it's time to contact Nystrom Chiropractic Group in San Rafael at 415-459-1218 and see how we can help you recover from your pain. Soft tissue mobilization can give you back the range of motion you have lost.

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